From unemployed to millionaire – part 1

Today I have made my first (tiny) steps to becoming a millionaire. I sold two unwanted CDs and a comic for a total of $6. It’s not really about the money though, it’s about becoming a better person.

The simple fact is that I fit the “failure to launch” cliché almost perfectly. The only exception is that my mother doesn’t have a basement. This is partly because of circumstance but in hind sight I take the majority of blame. At seventeen I was diagnosed with the Autism like disability NLD. At eighteen my parents encouraged me to sign up to a disability benefit and I complied without thinking. Eight years later I have an IT certificate but no company has been willing to hire me without prior experience and I haven’t made an honest attempt at making money by any other means.

As I see it there are two major problems in my personality. Firstly I ignore things that I do not find interesting. More importantly though is a complete lack of focus. Within weeks of starting anything I abandon it for something else or procrastinate for months on end. I could have an acceptable job had I put more work into applying for non-tech roles. I could have an exciting career had I knuckled down on studies and building a home lab. I could have started a profitable business had I seen my projects through.

I don’t know if I can earn that much and in truth I don’t want to own many things. An apartment with its own kitchen and bathroom, a reasonable laptop, good Internet and some books (or even ebooks). Much more would complicate my life and go to waste. If I do actually reach this high goal I will give a lot of it away. On the other hand I can at least stop being a parasite on the way to failing at an absurd goal.

The optimum strategy (I am guessing) is to get a job while building a business on the side and making some careful investments. With virtual zero social skills or spatial awareness getting hired is not guaranteed but I need to try as hard as I can. In the mean time I can try to launch something online and study investment.