Recommended sites

The following is a selection of web sites I have bookmarked that I believe may be useful or amusing to other people


  • C++ Reference ( An up to date reference to the C++ programming language including short tutorials.
  • Linux academy ( This web site provides online tuition on Linux administration and dev-ops. Also provides a students forum, free virtual servers for experimenting on, practice exams, study scheduling, examination discounts and up to date tutorials on the latest technologies for advanced professionals.
  • Lazy Foo ( This is the home site of a semi-professional game developer. It includes detailed, cross platform tutorials for beginner game creators.
  • Yo Linux ( A large collection of documentation on old-school Linux systems administration. Good for subjects such as NFS, LDAP, FTP, etcetera.
  • Programming in Scala, First edition ( A complete (though slightly outdated) manual on the excellent Scala programming language …I’m not sure if the site’s owners know this is still there.
  • Procedural Content Generation Wiki (  A wiki dedicated to documenting how to mathematically generate game content. This isn’t the most co-ordinated wiki on the web but there is no bigger online resource on this subject.
  • RFC Archive ( An archive of the discussions of how the Internet ought to work going all of the way back to 1969!
  • Open Game Art ( A collection of freely available game resources for open source developers.


  • Bounty Source ( A place to fund or get paid for developing open source software.
  • Fishpond ( An Australasian imitation of Has many cheap CDs and books. Also I have an affiliate deal with them.
  • PC Part Picker ( This website helps you choose the PC parts by price and compatibility and order them together.
  • Digital ocean ( A VPS hosting company aimed primarily at Linux / FreeBSD developers. This website is hosted on there for $5 USD a month. Click here for $10 USD of free credit!

Interesting People


  • Garfield minus Garfield ( A crowd sourced web comic exposing John Arbucle as manic/depressive and schizophrenic.
  • Darths and Droids ( Star Wars re-imagined as group of friends playing a thinly disguised imitation of Dungeons and Dragons. Also has notes on being a fun Dungeon Master.


  • The Metal Archives ( An extremely organised, exceedingly complete, and detailed encyclopaedia of all “true” heavy metal bands.
  • The Prog Archives ( Not as organised as metal archives but still useful for trying to get to grips with the world of progressive rock.
  • Progscape Radio ( A weekly podcast of progrssive rock and other related music. All albums played are also available for sale through the site.
  • Progzilla Radio ( Another podcast of progressive rock / metal. Has a stronger emphasis on discussion than Progscape Radio.


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