Announcing the Marginalise Ruby gem

As part of a much larger project I have made a simple gem for automatically realigning strings to an arbitrary right hand margin. require “marginalise” puts “This is a long string for the sake of testing the marginalise gem”.marginalise(10) This is a long string for the sake of testing the marginalise gem The full code…

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KDE ideas – A better browser

The first thing I have to do when I log into KDE is move Firefox windows to the activities they ought to be in. One to Programming, another to Writing, Administration, Internet, etcetera. KDE deserves a browser that takes advantage of activities and other features of the Plasma Desktop. Activity awareness The browser would have…

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Vimperator for Firefox Part 2

Welcome back to my tutorial on Vimperator. In this section I will give an introduction to the command line and some pointers on configuration. If you enjoy this post or believe reading was a waste of time please tell me why below. Remember this tutorial assumes familiarity with vi and also that you have read…

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Vimperator interface for Firefox Part 1

Vimperator is a plugin for Firefox that completely overhauls the GUI to behave like Vim making your mouse unneeded for most web sites. If this was not available I would be attempting to create something much like it. Quick start guide Like Vim, Vimperator is based on different interface modes. These are Browsing: Opening links,…

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Upgrading ownCloud on Ubuntu

I often hear people complain that ownCloud is impossible to upgrade and I have been through that pain myself. However after repeatedly going to such extremes as uninstalling and starting from scratch I have found a series of steps that while simple are not entirely obvious. Update I has been pointed out to me on…

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I’ve just found about VersionPress. It uses Git to give better control over writing draft versions of articles. I’ll investigate this more closely later to see if I can/should port the blog over to it.

Someone over on reddit linked to a good post on properly closing a frozen SSH session.

It also includes other useful escape sequences.