$GEM_HOME makes ruby programming even better

Ruby is by far one of my favourite programming languages. It combines the power of Perl with the flexibility of Lisp while remaining far more readable than either. The downside of this though is that a great deal of Ruby development is done in conjunction with the Gem package manager. At best you are asked… Continue reading $GEM_HOME makes ruby programming even better

Maybe is a python script that allows you to simulate running commands such as rm without making any actual changes to files. I’ve just given it a test run and it seems to work very nicely.

maybe has prevented rm test_file from performing 1 file system operations:

delete /home/ryan/test_file

Do you want to rerun rm test_file and permit these operations? [y/N]

This looks like an excellent script for using on servers in particular!

My Minecraft Launchers

I’ve got two custom launchers for Minecraft on Linux. One is a wrapper script written for zsh and the other is a *.desktop file so I can conveniently launch it from my desktop. First the script ~/local/bin/minecraft: #!/usr/bin/zsh function minecraft () { case $1 { “”) java -jar $HOME/minecraft/MagicLauncher_1.3.1.jar;; “-def”) java -jar $HOME/minecraft/Minecraft.jar;; “-tech”) java… Continue reading My Minecraft Launchers