A Libertarian Software Foundation?

An idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while now. An organisation that gives guidelines on what software advances freedom for individuals and grass-root communities. Of course the Free Software Foundation already exist but they have a rather different notion of freedom to libertarians like myself plus they have always been rather… Continue reading A Libertarian Software Foundation?

Introducing the Hurunui Index

Some months ago I started a website for listing local clubs and charities in my corner of New Zealand. The site is at http://hurunui-index.nz. Admittedly, we at the Tech Club need to organise another burst of activity, getting contacting organisations and promoting the Index as a whole.

KDE ideas – A better browser

The first thing I have to do when I log into KDE is move Firefox windows to the activities they ought to be in. One to Programming, another to Writing, Administration, Internet, etcetera. KDE deserves a browser that takes advantage of activities and other features of the Plasma Desktop. Activity awareness The browser would have… Continue reading KDE ideas – A better browser