A Libertarian Software Foundation?

An idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while now. An organisation that gives guidelines on what software advances freedom for individuals and grass-root communities. Of course the Free Software Foundation already exist but they have a rather different notion of freedom to libertarians like myself plus they have always been rather poor at communicating with non-technical people.

The Libertarian Software Foundation could start off as forum online discussing the merits of different programs with an editor compiling it into articles for the public. The behaviour of the organisations making the programs also need reviewing. Mozilla, for example, are known to funnel money to so called “antifa” cells.

Eventually the LSF could start taking donations that can be passed on to people writing everything from cryptocurrency wallets through to mundane but important things such as internationalisation libraries and compilers.

By Ryan McCoskrie

Founder of the Hurunui Tech Club Creator of Vicinitude President of the Leithfield Public Library

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