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I spent some time writing down ideas on what to do with this blog and I think I’ve got enough for a couple years of writing. Up next are part two of SSH security and how to customise WordPress for technical writing.

Securing SSH on Linux Part 1

Update: Rather embarrassingly I forgot to include restarting sshd. Also I have edited my formatting of the commands shown. When you first set-up your Linux VPS the chances are that you are told to log in as ‘root’ directly, possibly even using a password like ‘123456’! The steps in this two part tutorial should be…

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Diary of an unemployed nerd

Greetings! This blog is primarily intended to show potential employers my abilities and personality Main points: I am looking for work as a sys-admin / DevOp (It’s pretty much all that I’m good at). I have a few more nerdy obsessions than I ought to (computing, music, animation and more). I have a neurological disorder…

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