Vimperator interface for Firefox Part 1.5

I know last time I promised to cover the command line mode and configuration files. That article is drafted and but I realised I neglected a few commands in my previous article which I will cover in this.

If you haven’t read my previous article please do so now.

  • CTRL+o Go back one page.
  • CTRL+i Go forward one page
  • CTRL+n Move one tab to the right
  • CTRL+p Move one tab to the left
  • g0 Go to the first tab
  • g$ Go to the last tab

With the exceptions of g0 and g$ all of these can be prefixed by a number to move by more than one page/tab. For example 5 CTRL+n moves five tabs to the right and 2 CTRL+2 goes back two pages within the current tab.

By Ryan McCoskrie

Founder of the Hurunui Tech Club Creator of Vicinitude President of the Leithfield Public Library