Follow up to affiliate marketing

At this moment I am having a session of creating extremely rough drafts of many coming articles. By rough I mean a list of writing points. So far it’s all reviews but that’s partly because I can think of many articles on that subject very quickly. If you have enjoyed any of my past articles please tell me which ones they were.

My Minecraft Launchers

I’ve got two custom launchers for Minecraft on Linux. One is a wrapper script written for zsh and the other is a *.desktop file so I can conveniently launch it from my desktop. First the script ~/local/bin/minecraft: #!/usr/bin/zsh function minecraft () { case $1 { “”) java -jar $HOME/minecraft/MagicLauncher_1.3.1.jar;; “-def”) java -jar $HOME/minecraft/Minecraft.jar;; “-tech”) java…

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Core Linux servers

The following is a list of Linux server software that is used in many, many situations to provide infrastructure to other services. If you want to be a sys admin you must know these. OpenSSH: This server is used to provide authenticated command line access to remote servers. Additionally it can also be used to…

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