Sorry for the change of theme. In my efforts to make this site more organised I found out that the WR-Elite theme I was using is incompatible with links to categories. I’ve informed its creators and hopefully they will fix it. In the mean time please tell me what you think of how my site is at the moment.

Maybe is a python script that allows you to simulate running commands such as rm without making any actual changes to files. I’ve just given it a test run and it seems to work very nicely.

maybe has prevented rm test_file from performing 1 file system operations:

delete /home/ryan/test_file

Do you want to rerun rm test_file and permit these operations? [y/N]

This looks like an excellent script for using on servers in particular!

I’m presently working on dividing this blog into three separate sections:

  • Home site (pages rather than posts)
  • Professional / Technological sub-blog
  • Entertainment sub-blog

Once I’ve completed this process I’ll write at least one post on using WordPress as a CMS, possibly including patching WordPress its self.