Topics I might write about

A quick list of things that I am looking at writing about. Bug fixing on LibreOffice, KDE and other open source projects. How I get the most out of my computer (shell scripts, KDE setup, server config, etc). Draw attention to non-action graphic novels. Music history / reviews (mostly prog rock and euro metal). Pros… Continue reading Topics I might write about

Securing SSH on Linux Part 2

In this part I will explain how to further improve the server’s security by replacing traditional passwords with public key authentication. Before deciding to follow this tutorial please consider the following problem: While replacing passwords with private/public key pairs is an enormous improvement in security it also requires specially preparing your workstation for logging into… Continue reading Securing SSH on Linux Part 2

I spent some time writing down ideas on what to do with this blog and I think I’ve got enough for a couple years of writing. Up next are part two of SSH security and how to customise WordPress for technical writing.

Securing SSH on Linux Part 1

Update: Rather embarrassingly I forgot to include restarting sshd. Also I have edited my formatting of the commands shown. When you first set-up your Linux VPS the chances are that you are told to log in as ‘root’ directly, possibly even using a password like ‘123456’! The steps in this two part tutorial should be… Continue reading Securing SSH on Linux Part 1