Topics I might write about

A quick list of things that I am looking at writing about.

  • Bug fixing on LibreOffice, KDE and other open source projects.
  • How I get the most out of my computer (shell scripts, KDE setup, server config, etc).
  • Draw attention to non-action graphic novels.
  • Music history / reviews (mostly prog rock and euro metal).
  • Pros and cons of different Linux distros.
  • Reviews of what I watch (comedy, science fiction, anime, documentaries).
  • Summaries of available IT technologies (servers, languages, operating systems).
  • Server configuration tutorials.
  • My views on the nature of writing and media.
  • Commentary on how I manage and write for the blog.

I may later develop this into a more detailed “Post-to-be-written” page. Feed back on this subject list would be appreciated.

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