Left wing is a misleading term

Before I start I would like to make two things clear: My criticism of the phrase “left-wing” is not an endorsement of right wing groups. Nor is it an accusation of deliberate deceit. I renamed this article repeatedly and am still not happy with it. While I acknowledge that societies politics are often divided into…

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Vimperator for Firefox Part 2

Welcome back to my tutorial on Vimperator. In this section I will give an introduction to the command line and some pointers on configuration. If you enjoy this post or believe reading was a waste of time please tell me why below. Remember this tutorial assumes familiarity with vi and also that you have read…

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Vimperator interface for Firefox Part 1

Vimperator is a plugin for Firefox that completely overhauls the GUI to behave like Vim making your mouse unneeded for most web sites. If this was not available I would be attempting to create something much like it. Quick start guide Like Vim, Vimperator is based on different interface modes. These are Browsing: Opening links,…

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Major overhaul ahead

I am currently postponing future posts until I figure out how to properly divide this blog up into more than one. I’m already trying to jam music reviews and shell scripts onto one site and I’m also working on original fiction, philosophy and other miscellaneous stuff. This then leads to the questions like should I…

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Upgrading ownCloud on Ubuntu

I often hear people complain that ownCloud is impossible to upgrade and I have been through that pain myself. However after repeatedly going to such extremes as uninstalling and starting from scratch I have found a series of steps that while simple are not entirely obvious. Update I has been pointed out to me on…

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I’ve just found about VersionPress. It uses Git to give better control over writing draft versions of articles. I’ll investigate this more closely later to see if I can/should port the blog over to it.